• Getting started
  • Managing events
  • Customizing the calendar
  • Syncing External Calendars
  • Premium version
  • Troubleshooting
  • Syncing with Google Calendar

    To sync your calendar with Google Calendar please follow these steps:

    1. Open the settings panel of the calendar
    2. Switch to the “External Calendars” section
    3. Click “Connect” in the Google calendar block or “+Add Account” (if you already have other external calendars connected), and choose the account you wish to connect
    4. Grant us permission to access your events
    5. Choose the Google Calendar you want to sync with

    You’re all done! Your Google Calendar events should now appear on your calendar.

    Free vs Premium version

    In the free version of the calendar, only up to 5 upcoming events will be fetched, and the old Google Calendar events will be discarded. To update the calendar please click “Sync now” in the settings panel.

    The premium version automatically fetches all the events. Changes made in Google Calendar will appear on the website within 10 minutes at most. If faster update is needed please use “Sync now” button.