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  • Adding links and documents to the calendar

    Although document attachments are not directly supported in the calendar, we do have some suggestions on how to add document viewing to your event descriptions.

    You will need to upload the document to a sharing site such as Google Drive (we will use this as our example). Once you have uploaded the document you should be able to access a sharing link which you can copy and add to a link in your description.

    There are several ways to add links to events including document links.

    First, there is a “link” field in the event details popup. Once a link is added, the title of the event becomes clickable, and we’ll also display a small “link” icon next to the title, when hovering over it with your mouse.


    Second, if you add a URL in your event description, we’ll automatically make it clickable.


    Lastly, you can put some HTML code inside the event description, so you can add a link using the following format:


    <a href=”http://www.link.com” target=”_top”>click here</a>


    Additionally, for documents – If you insert the shareable link (you copied from Google drive) in the HTML code and add it to the description, then the user will be able to click it and will have access to the document.


    Your HTML code should look like the example below where the bold part is the shareable link that was inserted and the word “blank” requests that the document be opened in a new window on the user’s side:


    <a href=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7gWDAtQIkDrc3RhcnRlcl9maWxl/view?usp=sharing target=”_blank”><button>click here for document</button></a>


    Please note that this code can be entered anywhere in the description field and it will be changed to clickable text so you can still add plain text as you need before or after the HTML.


    If you have a Google Calendar connected to the events calendar, you should first make sure that you are using the newest version of the Google calendar.


    With this version, you can easily connect any part of your description text to a document in the Google Drive by selecting/highlighting it and clicking the link button. Paste the copied shareable link from the document, and it will be available once clicked. This information syncs to the Events Calendar from the Google calendar(Note that even though the information is synced to the events calendar, the process of syncing is done manually for the free version and automatic for the premium version).